Couples looking for a unicorn have a great solution available

The phenomenon of unicorn online dating involves a search for a person to join an existing relationship and become sexually as well as romantically involved with both of the original partners. In most cases, the third person is bisexual and open-minded enough to be able to meet the expectations of both sides. As the name implies, the pool of candidates for such a role is extremely narrow, and finding the rare match is a huge success. That’s why good unicorn dating sites like tend to have a large and diverse user population and introduce advanced matchmaking functions. Unicorns can be of any age and gender, and in many cases, their personality traits may be more desirable than their bodies. For this reason, dating a unicorn is a much more delicate operation than simply having group sex with random people. Building strong relationships usually makes sense to spend time chatting online before all three people meet in the real world and try having sex together. Multimedia chat is a fantastic tool that lets people share a few of their histories and compare fantasies, potentially opening some space for a deeper bond to occur. At the same time, there is always the possibility of acting on an impulse and meeting a sexy girl suitable for a unicorn role after just a few messages.

Create a profile on the best unicorn dating site on the web

Getting started on unicorn dating sites is fairly easy and doesn’t require too much of your time or money. After picking a good dating platform, you need to create a profile that reflects your identity and objectives. For example, at, you can register as a couple looking for a unicorn and indicate whether each partner in the couple is heterosexual or bisexual. The sign-up process involves:

Answering a few questions.

  • Providing an e-mail address for verification.
  • Choosing a username and password while uploading photos to the profile and posting a personal statement are also highly recommended actions.

Completing those steps will allow you to research the dating site unicorn population and perhaps spot a few profiles worth contacting. Since it typically takes serious dedication to find a unicorn that appeals to both partners, couples interested in this type of dating are best served with a premium membership that lasts a few months. Upgraded status gives them full insight into details about other members and allows them to send unlimited messages and chat requests. Despite all those technicalities, unicorn dating sites and apps are fun to use, especially if you log on together with your naughty girlfriend to look at pictures of sexy young vixens who like bisexual games. In a way, the process of partner selection is a part of the journey and brings almost as much pleasure as a fully realized unicorn relationship.

Filtered search lets you find a unicorn in your vicinity

A unicorn dating site's main purpose is to create opportunities for real-life meetings between couples and strangers they are romantically interested in. Due to this practical concern, the geographic distance between users who want to try something like this can’t be too great. This is where the search function on really shines, as it allows for precise control of all parameters, including location, age, sexual preference, etc. Even if the couple is ready to start dating unicorn girls right away, they would probably need some indication that the other side has serious intentions before proceeding too far. That’s where dating a unicorn is really different from just having an open relationship and occasionally enjoying threesomes. This type of arrangement is typically more permanent and includes an emotional dimension. Unicorn seekers don’t want to meet with dozens of different girls, and they usually prefer a more methodical approach that ultimately results in finding a perfect match that everyone is happy with. Going slower and exchanging lots of messages and photos with the same person before the first sexual encounter is probably the best way to use for unicorn dating, particularly for inexperienced couples. On the other hand, a good match is sometimes instantly obvious, so the parties can immediately agree about a meeting where they can discuss all the details of their potential affair.