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Do you have a friend you'd take to casual dates? That friend must be hotter than the rest and have an amazing sexual appeal. Dating such a person would surely ruin your friendship. But, you can maintain your friendship and still give each other sexual benefits.

Normal relationships can be plain and boring, especially when you become secretive and quite having fun together.

In contrast, FWB arrangements ensure that you have fun with your friends as much as you want. You also give each other sexual benefits when you want. This arrangement works because there’s no jealousy or any other emotion involved. You agree with your friend to have casual encounters without a romantic attachment. Some of the benefits of having an FWB arrangement include:

Strong Friendships

Dating friends with benefits strengthens your friendship. You become closer because you share a friendship bond and a sexual bond as well. This makes you better and closer friends. Also, since both of you are buddies, no one is superior to the other.

No Emotional Dilemmas

Unlike normal relationships where emotional attachments cause chaos, FWBs don’t have any emotional dilemmas. You'll find that FWB relationships allow the confidants to enjoy sex without complicating the relationship with emotions such as jealousy, anger, and pride.

Learn How to Find Local Friends with Benefits Here

You can find local friends with benefits even if you don’t know anyone in your area yet. It easy to turn your confidants into FWB. The most basic way is to ask them. Ask that person you are crushing on to be your FWB.

However, if you don’t have any buddies yet, or don’t have one you want to make your FWB, this site has a solution. Meet people from your local area who are looking for FWB on Sexintouchs. Yes, registering to the site earns you access to hundreds of local singles who want to become your buddies.

Finding your FWB on the site has the following benefits

Plenty of fun sexual encounters

The point of friends with benefits dating is having fun sexual encounters with your buddy. Therefore, expect plenty of sexual activities.

You maintain your friendship even when you stop your sexual encounters

In case you decide to stop the sexual favors, you and your comrade still maintain your friendship. Although you start your friendship online, it doesn’t have to stay there. You can become lifetime friends even when you cease giving and receiving sexual benefits.

Don’t stress over where to find your FWB. Simply join the website today and meet plenty of partners in your neighborhood who want to be your FWB.

Where to Start Looking for an FWB? Start Here

Dating website

The first place that you should look for an FWB is Fre4fling. The website has the best matchmaking services. It will connect you to people in your local area that want an FWB relationship. Using the site gives you a 100% guarantee of finding an FWB fast.

Circle of comrades

The next place to look for an FWB is among your comrades. Talk to them and know who is open to the idea. If the two of you have a mutual sexual attraction, then ask to become friends with benefits. You can do this with all, or just one of your friends to whom you feel attracted.


Having welcoming neighbors is another way of finding FWB. If you live in a lively neighborhood, the chances are that one of your neighbors wants a friend with benefits. Keenly observe your neighbors and befriend those you like.


Another place to find an FWB partner is at your workplace. If there is sexual tension between you and one of your workmates, the chances are that they want an FWB relationship.

Still, if you lack the courage to approach your buddies, neighbors, or workmates, Sexintouch has you covered. Signup to access profiles of people from your local area who want friends with benefits relationships.